Naga lakshmi

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Welcome to Ananthan Kavu !!

"Dont kill Snake, Nagalakshmi will bless you"

Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple is an ancient sacred grove. The environmentally sensitive temple with Snakes. This is the only sacred groves(surppakavu) with 1000years old idols of Naga Lakshmi with Nagaraja Ananthan. The only Nagalakshmi Temple in Kerala.

"Dont kill Snake, Nagalakshmi will bless you".

"Welcome to Ananthankavu, feel the power of Naga Lakshmi Devi".

Opening only on Ayilyam(monthly once). Devotees can attend without cast and religion.

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Main Poojas

Ayilyam Pooja

Every month ayilyam (monthly once). This temple will open for traditional Naga Pooja. Pooja conducted by Karala Brahmins. The main pooja and noorum palum will start at 10am. This pooja offering for the blessing of Naga Raja Anathan and Naga Lekshmi Devi.

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Thattil Noorum Paalum

This Pooja conducting yearly once(kanni ayilyam). This is highly expensive offering. This pooja is conducting 10 feet above from the ground level ,on a wooden stage with fire light, starting 7pm. This offering is for the blessing of Akasa Sarppam. Devotees can attend the Pooja .

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Let ananthankavu devaswom becane a rich & well organised pilgrimage centre

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